New Year update

This year has started a little differently for all of us, with restrictions in place regarding travel and accommodation

Due to the current restrictions, I will be making some enforced changes to the booking diary over the next few weeks.

The venue is Tier 4, fishing is allowed but accommodation isn’t.

Travel should be kept to a minimum and I will be working with guidance on allowed travel to visit.

I will be in contact with all those who are booked over the next few weeks to confirm or cancel bookings based on the guidance I have.

Well done Gary!


gary h

First time visitor Gary Holland managed to get straight amongst the fish on his  visit this week, with two mid 20’s on his first day.

This beautiful fish above smashed his PB this morning, weighing in at a fantastic 40lb 7oz.

Well done Gary, I’m sure a celebratory beer is in order!

Spring tips!

The trees are budding, birds singing and daylight hours noticeably increasing.

Its a lovely time of the year to be out on the bank, and to help you make the most of it, here are a few tips to try and help you bag some springtime carp:

Take a really good look around when you arrive. The water is very clear, spend plenty of time watching and finding rather than setting up in the closest available spot. A small trap laid on a patrol route can quickly bag you a bonus fish!

The fish are active in the upper layers, especially during the day. At this time of year, zig rigs are worth a go, especially in the areas catching the sun. Like us, the fish love a little warmth.

Historically, March has produced some big hits of fish. Don’t be afraid to bait heavily on at least one rod to encourage groups of fish down to feed. A white or pink ‘Scent from Hell’ over the top of beds of bait has proved very effective over the last few seasons.

Keep your eyes peeled – many of the fish are seen in small groups. If you see a show, don’t hesitate in casting a bait straight to it – it can often bring a quick take.



Welcome to 2017!


Best wishes to all of our customers and friends, past and present.

As I write this on the 1st January, we are almost fully booked for the year, something of which I feel very proud.  Most of our bookings (over 75%) are repeat visits, so I guess you all enjoyed yourselves!

2016 saw some great fish caught, plenty of personal bests broken, smiles by the bucketful and plenty of beers and BBQs, let’s hope the 2017 brings a year full of the same.

I would like to personally thank all of our visitors of 2016. It’s been a pleasure to welcome you all to our venue. We are blessed with great visitors who have treated Churn Pool with the greatest of respect, thank you.

During this year, I fully intend to keep the new website more up to date with both images and information from what is going on both at the lake and in the local area. If you are visiting later in the year, please keep an eye on the latest news page for up to date info and advice.

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